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Medical, psychosocial and spiritual health assessments prepare you for your journey and provide the data required to promote effectiveness and endurance.


Responsive health guidance via email and phone during physical, psychosocial, and spiritual distress. Secure online medical records enhance communication with local health care providers.


IHM has been a pioneer in virtual healthcare delivery. We maintain your circle area no matter where you are in the world.


Debriefing appointments for expatriates and their families. An unbroken circle of care eases the challenges of transition when returning from aboard.

Wooden Hut
Expat, South-east asia

Before we got attached to IHM, it was like we were at a great distance as far as the health concerns of the sending organization towards expatriates go. Now it’s like, ‘this is a very important part of you, and we want to do everything that we can to help you.’ It went from just about nothing, to just about everything.

What People Say

Expat, South asia

IHM's re-entry care approach sought to nurture my ‘whole- being.’ The insightful and spiritually enriching feedback empowered me to move forward with new hope and new perspective.

Director of Member Care

You are a pioneer in the Canadian expatriate care field. Thank you for taking on the difficult task of introducing new ideas and following a vision, rather than staying with the comfortable familiar things in life


Our Qualified Team



Ken Gamble

Ken Gamble is the President of International Health Management. Formerly serving as physician and medical superintendent of a hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, Dr. Gamble joined the IHM staff in 1982. Unwittingly he became a pioneer in the field of travel medicine and has committed his career to the health management of expatriates. Concurrently he served as staff physician under Dr. Jay Keystone at the Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine until 2005.

Dr. Gamble has served as a longstanding member of the International Health Advisory committee for SIM International and served for eight years on CATMAT, an advisory committee to the Public Health Agency of Canada. He has received an honourary fellowship of travel medicine from the University of Glasgow.

Dr. Gamble is keenly interested in telehealth, preventive medicine, risk management, and research in expatriate health, and he has co-authored and published review articles on expatriate health.

He is married with two sons; his interests include cycling, bird-watching, and international travel.



Duncan Westwood

Duncan Westwood has an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Cross-Cultural Expatriate Studies and Spiritual Direction/Formation. As Clinical Director of Expatriate Care and Development at IHM, Duncan partners with physicians and nurses to compliment their medical interventions through mental and spiritual health screening, treatment, remote health guidance and debriefings at the three critical stages of the expatriate life cycle - pre-departure, overseas and re-entry/repatriation.

For over three decades, Duncan has been involved in expatriate care while residing in the U.K., S.E. Asia, the U.S.A. and now Canada. Having crossed multiple cultures with his wife and kids, Duncan is acutely aware of the diverse challenges facing expatriates.

As one of North America's leaders in expatriate care and development, Duncan keeps abreast of research across all the expatriate sectors - academic, corporate, diplomatic, military, mission and NGO - through his leadership contributions and participation in two annual conferences: Families in Global Transition (FIGT) and a gathering of mental health professionals involved in expatriate care (MHM). As a sought after speaker, Duncan accepts invitations to present plenary sessions, conduct workshops and facilitate retreats on expatriate care and development at different locations throughout North America and globally.

Duncan is married to Olwyn and has two adult TCK sons. He loves to read, write, walk his Old English sheepdog, Nia and hike through countryside and mountainous terrain.


Executive Medical Coordinator

Annie Yien

Annie has been with IHM for about two years.  After graduating from York University and Seneca College,  she developed her admin skills in Sales & Marketing at an IBM-affiliate company. She was born in Hong Kong, moved to Venezuela, then to Canada.
Her approachable and warm personality enables her to help patients affectionately with efficiency. Through her exposure to different cultures, she has more empathy and understanding with patients.  She enjoys working alongside different organizations to coordinate the necessary assistance they require. 
She is happily married to a Chartered Accountant whom she met over 30 years ago.  She has two grown up children. She had been a stay-at-home mom and volunteering in our community, constantly multitasking and balancing priorities, which has been beneficial to her current role.  Annie enjoys baking, music, reading and spending time with her family. 


Executive Assistant to Dr. Westwood

Olwyn Westwood

Olwyn Westwood joined the IHM staff in 2000 and is the Sending Organization Liaison Officer at IHM. As one gifted in logistics and administration, Olwyn plays a key role in coordinating the various services offered through IHM. Olwyn ensures that personnel managers of sending organizations and expatriates are able to access the services most suited to their needs.


Olwyn gained invaluable experience while living in Taiwan for 11 years. Having been involved in expatriate care for over three decades, she has a natural empathy for, and immediate resonance with, those who live, grow up, and/or work abroad.


Olwyn is married to Duncan and together they raised their two sons across diverse cultures. Her interests include travelling and hiking.



Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards has worked with IHM since 1996. With her characteristic thoroughness and caring approach, Dr. Edwards effectively meets the needs of patients in our family practice as well as the varied medical needs of expatriates served by IHM.


Dr. Edwards gained extensive medical experience living and working for 10 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Further to her medical training and over 20 years of experience in family practice, Dr. Edwards holds a diploma in Tropical Medicine from the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Edwards is also a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.


Dr. Edwards loves being married to Bruce and has three grown children. Her interests include jewelry-making.



Diana Heath

Diana Heath has worked at IHM since 1979. Prior to beginning with IHM, Dr. Heath worked alongside her husband at their family practice in Toronto.


In addition to caring for patients in her family practice at International Medical Services and for international workers returning to Canada, Dr. Heath also provides medical care to residents at two retirement homes and to many of the sisters at the Convent of St. John the Divine. She welcomes the opportunity to serve international workers through the services IHM provides and is actively involved in her local church. Dr. Heath is married with four children and enjoys singing and playing the piano.



Karen Stel

Karen Stel has been working at IHM since 2002. Dr. Stel gained invaluable experience in tropical medicine practices working in Mali, Kenya and Mexico prior to a two-year placement at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Central Africa, from 2003-2005.


Dr. Stel is married to Nouhoum Coulibaly and although they live in Toronto, together they continue to serve needy communities in Mali and West Africa. They have six children and Dr. Stel takes great delight in balancing both her family and medical responsibilities.


Director of Special Projects

Joel Gamble
BHSc MSt (Oxon)

Joel marshals his expansive knowledge base and skillsets in videography, marketing, computer programming, and health informatics to undertake an array of projects for IHM. He improves the patient-care experience and enhances IHM’s system efficiency by implementing state-of-the-art technological tools. In addition, he produces promotional and health education videos to reach expatriates at all stages of their journey. With training in health sciences research, he also oversees the internal surveillance of expatriate-member health, conducts medical literature reviews to identify practice-changing updates, and assists the President in writing textbook chapters on expatriate health and travel medicine. He is currently an MD student at the University of Toronto. 

Joel is married to Brittany, a gifted artist and soprano, and they are soon to welcome a Whippet puppy into their family. Their hobbies include hiking, birdwatching, and photography.


Business Operations Exec

Dora Ho

Dora is a Certified General Accountant and has been at IHM for more than 10 years. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After graduation, Dora worked in the media industry for 8 years. As an immigrant from Hong Kong, Dora finds that her cross-cultural experience is a great asset to her service at IHM. Dora lives in GTA with her husband and their 3 cats.

Support Staff
Medical & Psychological Staff
IHM also partners with a team of qualified psychiatrists, PHYSICIANS & CONSULTING MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS, so you can get the care you need when you need it.
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