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Medical, psychosocial and spiritual health assessments prepare you for your journey and provide the data required to promote effectiveness and endurance.


Responsive health guidance via email and phone during physical, psychosocial, and spiritual distress. Secure online medical records enhance communication with local health care providers.


IHM has been a pioneer in virtual healthcare delivery. We maintain your circle area no matter where you are in the world.


Debriefing appointments for expatriates and their families. An unbroken circle of care eases the challenges of transition when returning from aboard.

Wooden Hut
Expat, South-east asia

Before we got attached to IHM, it was like we were at a great distance as far as the health concerns of the sending organization towards expatriates go. Now it’s like, ‘this is a very important part of you, and we want to do everything that we can to help you.’ It went from just about nothing, to just about everything.

What People Say

Expat, South asia

IHM's re-entry care approach sought to nurture my ‘whole- being.’ The insightful and spiritually enriching feedback empowered me to move forward with new hope and new perspective.

Director of Member Care

You are a pioneer in the Canadian expatriate care field. Thank you for taking on the difficult task of introducing new ideas and following a vision, rather than staying with the comfortable familiar things in life

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